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VЯitty Created by Microneering

Zandronum is an open source online multiplayer engine that plays the classic Doom games for PC. Provided below is a build of Zandronum made for Apple OS X, optimized for Apple Silicon Macs.

Zandronum is open source under the Sleepycat License and the source code used to make the package below can be found here.


FreeDoom WAD files (freedoom1.wad and freedoom2.wad) are included in the Zandronum Application bundle.

You can purchase many other DOOM WAD files from third parties that will operate with Zandronum.
You can buy these games from Steam here.
Move any third part DOOM WAD files to the folder Zandronum in your Downloads folder.

To run the game in full screen, first launch Zandronum and select a WAD file to run. Then press Escape to bring up the menu. From there select "Options", then "Set Video Mode". From there, change the aspect ratio to match your monitor's aspect ratio, then select a resolution. Finally, change 'Fullscreen' to 'True'.

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Thank you for your support in bringing virtual reality to the Apple OS X ARM platform