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Create a free VЯitty cloud account:
With your VЯitty account, logon to VЯitty to download this application.

Cloud Account
Enter your user name and password. The Logon button will then appear.
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3D Models

The Vieweя will only process .USDZ type files. These 3D are readily available from the internet,
or use the and the to create you own 3D animated models.

Model Storage
Your Device
Save models in your local iPhone, iPad, or Mac at no charge.
Scroll wheel to zoom
Click and drag to rotate
Use the gear icon to assign specific folders on your local device to save your 3D models. Make as many folders as you need to organize your 3D models by topics.
Use the "+" button and select 3D models from your local environment to add to your local storage.
Use the "- Delete" button and remove 3D models from your local storage.
Thank you for your support in bringing virtual reality to the Apple ARM platform