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Vieweя User Guide
Log On / Log Off
Enter your user name and password. The Logon button will then appear.
Click the Logon button.

If your user name and password are correct:
  • Log Off button appears
  • Hollow person icon at top right changes to green solid person icon
  • Any models saved from prior use of the Vieweя appear in the left Navigation list
  • If this is your first use of the app, the left Navigation list is empty

  • Click the Log Off button to log off.
    User Account

    Create a free VЯitty cloud account:
    With your VЯitty account, logon to VЯitty to download this application.

    Begin Viewing
    The viewer operates on all models of iPhone, iPad,
    Apple laptop and desktop with current operating systems.

    The viewer will only view USDZ file type 3D Models.

    This requires
  • your device already contains USDZ files
  • you have a VЯitty cloud storage area containing USDZ files
  • you have a link to an internet 3D model

  • USDZ files are also created by VЯitty Scanneя and VЯitty Modeleя
    Model Group
    A model group is simply a folder on your device.

    In the example above, the model group is a folder named 3D Models

    Use the gear button to
  • select a folder on your device
  • create a folder on your device

  • If you create a folder with the same name as a folder on your
    Cloud Storage, the 3D Models will automatically download to your device.
    As this may take a long time depending on the number of models to download,
    leave the viewer app running until the download completes and the models appear.
    Add Models
    Use the plus or the link button to add models to your model group.
    Display Interactive Models
    Tap a model in the left nav list to display the interactive model.

    Tap Delete Model to remove your model from Local and/or Cloud storage

    Tap and drag on the model to rotate the view

    On a device with a keyboard
  • Mouse scroll to move up and down
  • Option-scroll to zoom in and zoom out