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Modeleя Overview

User Account

Create a free VЯitty cloud account:
With your VЯitty account, logon to VЯitty to download this application.

Connect to Cloud
Enter your user name and password. The Logon button will then appear.
Click the Logon button.
3D Models

The Modeleя will only process HEIC photos and LiDAR depth files created from VЯitty Scanneя application.

Modeleя Features
Create 3D Model

Select the folder containing your scanned photos.
This should have been created by the VRitty Scanneя application on your iPhone or iPad.
To quickly transfer your data, connect your iPad or iPhone with a USB-C cable to the Mac
From Mac Finder, select your automatically mounted iPhone or iPad and then select the "Files" tab.
Select VRitty Scanneя in the list of Applications,
then drag the folder with your scan session to a folder on your Mac.
Then use the Scanneя folder copy on the Mac as an input for Modeleя.

Once you have selected the folder with your captures,
click the Start button and wait for the Modeleя to create your model.
When finished, your 3d model appears.

Create 2D Model

The Modeleя will prompt you to select an image file(JPEG, PNG, HEIC).
Then it will save that image as a USDZ 2D model.

Mac OS Photos can pull a subject from a photo and place it on the clipboard.
Then use the menu paste command command to create a Clipboard.usdz 2D file.

Click and drag to rotate
Click and drag to rotate
Click and drag to rotate
Click and drag to rotate
Click and drag to rotate
Preview Model

The Modeleя will ask you to select a USDZ file, which it will then display

Download Sample Data

Download sample data to try out the Modeler here:

Thank you for your support in bringing virtual reality to the Apple ARM platform