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Cloud Storage Overview
3D Model Folders
Group your 3D Models into folders on your Machinstosh's local file system.
Create folders manually in the Finder.

Use the Gear icon button to select a folder containing your models.
Add 3D Models to Group Folder

Only use USDZ 3D model type files.

Option 1: In the Finder, drag USDZ files to your 3D Group folder
Option 2: In the Viewer, use the "Add" + button to select 3D files from other folders. These files will be copied your selected 3D Group folder.

2D JPG versions of the 3D models are automatically added to the Group folder
when the 3D model is added.
This speeds up the loading of the left navigation panel in Vieweя and CADeя

Syncronized with Cloud Storage

When you subscribe to Cloud storage, your Cloud 3D Group folder is always synchronized with your local 3D Group folder.

Cloud 3D Group folders are unique to each VЯitty logon user.

Sharing Cloud Storage

To share cloud 3D models with a team, all team members should logon with the same VЯitty logon.