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Scanneя User Guide
Log On / Log Off
Enter your user name and password.
The Logon button will then appear.

Click the Logon button.

If your user name and password are correct:
  • Log Off button appears
  • Hollow person icon at top right changes to green solid person icon
  • Begin Scanning button appears

  • Click the Log Off button to log off.
    User Account

    Create a free VЯitty cloud account:
    With your VЯitty account, logon to VЯitty to download this application.

    Scanning Techique
    You will find that scanning can be challenging.
    Some equipment that may improve scanning results:
  • Automated Turn Table
  • Device Tripod
  • Turn table dots help orient very symmetrical objects
  • Baby powder can enable scanning of porous objects (hair) or
    shinny objects by correctly reflecting LiDAR infrared light
  • Begin Scanning
    Tap "Begin Scanning" to switch to camera view.

    There will be one two outcomes:
  • Camera View appears showing you the live image from your device camera.
  • A message appears:
    VЯitty Scanneя requires Camera permissions
    In Settings->Privacy and Security->Camera
    Enable the camera for VЯitty Scanneя
  • After you enable the camera for this app, restart the app for the camera view to appear

  • Note:
    Using the app requires not only an Apple device with camera, but one with LiDAR features.
    These are only found on certain models of Apple devices.
    Camera View
    Camera Focus

    The initial camera may not be focusing on your object.
    Tap on display at the object to improve the focus.

    Camera Tool Bar

    The back arrow returns to the logon view
    The information(circle contain "i") toggles the scan tool bar
    The status indicator will have one of three displays"
  • Green Camera check mark indicates this device has LiDAR and motion detection
  • Red X Stop Sign indicates this device is not suitable for scanning
  • Yellow Triangle indicates this device is may or may not produce good scanned results
  • The ? on the right reveals tips for producing the best scan result
    Scan Tool Bar

    Located directly below the Scan Tool Bar

    From left to right
  • Indicator that your device supports a high quality camera
  • Indicator that your device supports motion detection
  • Indicator that your device supports LiDAR depth detection

  • Captures: count of photo captures for this scan project

    This status bar is partially gray and partially green.
    The green area is an indicator of the number of
    photo captures required to produce a good total scan.

    As the number of photo captures increases, the gray area on the left will
    change to white. When the white area enters the green area,
    this indicates you created enough photo captures.

    It is better to have more photo captures that show all sides of the target object.
    It is also better to turn the object or move around the object in
    small steps. You will gain experience as you do more scans.
    Bottom Tool Bar
    From left to right:
  • Thumbnail of most recent capture
  • Photo capture triggers camera capture
  • Manual or Automatic (takes a phone every few seconds
    Tap to toggle between Manual and Automatic
  • Select Scan Session
    Tap the thumbnail or the first photo capture to start a session

  • Tap the plus to enter a new session name

  • Tap the folder icon to select a prior session

  • Tap scan to return to the Camera View