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Modeleя User Guide
Log On / Log Off
Enter your user name and password. The Logon button will then appear.
Click the Logon button.

If your user name and password are correct:
  • Log Off button appears
  • Hollow person icon at top right changes to green solid person icon
  • Model type buttons appear

  • Click the Log Off button to log off.
    User Account

    Create a free VЯitty cloud account:
    With your VЯitty account, logon to VЯitty to download this application.

    Create Model
  • Create 3D Model
    Select a folder containing files created by VЯitty Scanneя
  • Create 2D Model
    Select a image from a JPG, PNG, or HEIC file
  • Paste 2D Model
    Enabled when there is a image on the clipboard
  • Preview Model
    Select a USDZ file from your device
  • 3D Model Options

    Select amount of detail used
    Select sample ordering. VЯitty Scanneя sequentially numbers scan files.
    Select sensitivity to depth changes.
    Tap Create Model

    The initializing status appears and may not change for a while.
    The modeling starts and a progress bar appears.
    The time required may be quite long, depending on the speed of your Mac.

    Finally the resulting USDZ 3D model will be displayed.

    Sample VЯitty Scanneя data for testing with Modeleя.
    Adjust the settings for Units of Measure or default Model output folder

    On MacOS access preferences from app Settings menu. On others, access preferences from the Settings button.